Dermajuv Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream

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Dermajuv is now called Dermagist – the only thing they changed was the name.

Leave it to Dermajuv to create a hand cream so revolutionary that it has changed the way that the entire skin care industry thinks about hand creams.  In the past, dry hands were treated with normal body lotion or a basic run of the mill hand cream, but not since Dermajuv created their Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream.  Designed to hydrate the skin on a cellular level; this luxurious hand cream also smoothes away wrinkles and reduces discoloration caused by sun damage.

Dermajuv has always been known for its quality anti aging products and their wrinkles creams rank among the best in the world.  Bringing that quality of anti aging treatment to a hand cream has just never been seen before.  This is a serious hand cream folks!  Anti aging hand creams have been around, but none that actually deliver top of the line wrinkle and age spot removal, without sacrificing any of the deep moisturizing needed to repair cracked hands and smooth rough, dry skin.

To accomplish this task, Dermajuv has used top of the line Ingredients to achieve each particular treatment of this groundbreaking hand cream.  Read more of this post

Renew Your Skin’s Barrier Layer

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The hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body.  It incurs sun damage, exposure to the wind and wet and cold weather.  Nothing is more common than severely dry, damaged and even cracked skin on someone’s hands, and if you’re honest with yourself, you notice it on almost everyone you shake hands with.  When it comes to the treatment of dry or damaged hands it is important to hydrate and heal the skin cells but it is also important to restore your skin’s barrier layer to protect it from future damage.

Protecting your skin’s barrier layer is protecting your skin from the damage the sun, snow, wet and dry elements can cause to your skin.  You can’t hide your hands from the sun all the time, and most of us have them exposed all day every day, and when they are exposed they will become damaged.  Make sure you are not just using a regular moisturizer on your hands.  Use a hand cream that renews your skin’s cellular sustenance and protects your skin from future damage.   Read more of this post

Eliminate Your Spotted Hands

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Growing old has not been as much fun as I remember thinking it would.  The latest disaster in my struggle to maintain my youth was swept away from me the other day when I realized just how spotted my hands have become.  My mother used to call them liver spots, nowadays they call them age spots or sun spots.  I don’t care what you call them, I just don’t want them all over my hands.

I went to work, looking to find a solution for my condition.  I did not want to go down the road of skin bleaching as that never looks right.  I just wanted to find a solution that would work, as long as I continued treatment.  What I found was rather exciting and seemingly simple.  I wanted to take the time to offer what I found out as once I knew what to look for, I was able to get a hand renewal cream that erased my spots before my very eyes.   Here is the information I found out.    Read more of this post

Chronic Dry Hands Cream

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This article is for anyone that finds themself constanly putting on lotion or moisturizer for their hands.  For some chronic dry hands can be severe cracking and splitting of the hand tissue, for others it is a constant state of dry, ashy skin that just does not seem to want to be quenched no matter what cream you use.  No matter which description fits your hand condition the best, there is a hand cream that is designed specifically for you.  You just need to know what to look for.  The author investigates the ingredients that best treat chronic dry hands and offers suggestions as to which products will best suit their needs.

The first thing that you need to realize is that your normal moisturizing agents or ingredients are not doing the trick for you, so stop wasting your money on them.  What you need is a more serious treatment, and ingredient specifically engineered to penetrate and remedy the problem at its source, the damaged skin cells.  The best ingredient to accomplish this for hands is Super Sterol Liquid.  This deeply hydrating ingredient floods the skin cells with binding moisture while protecting your skin by renewing your “barrier layer” of your skin.  This barrier layer protects your skin for exposure to the elements as well as the stripping of essential oils common with hand washing.   Read more of this post

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

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We absolutely love Shea Butter as a moisturizing ingredient and naturally wanted to give this products a review for our readers.  Shea Butter is widely known for its hydrating and lifting properties and its use in body lotions is well documented but we wondered how it would translate into a hand cream product and if the Shea Butter alone was enough to make a product worthy of recommendation.

This hand cream delivered exactly what we expected it to do, provide a rich and complete moisturizing of the skin cells.  Within a few applications we could see that the product would do essentially whatever Shea Butter would do.  And for the most part that is a good thing.  The problem for us was that as a hand cream, it did very little else other than moisturize skin.     Read more of this post

Gloves in a Bottle

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We have seen this product advertised on the internet quite a bit and part of their sales pitch was of interest to us, so we thought we would give it a try and review it here for our readers.  The part that struck us was the scientific explanation of how dry everyday life strips the skin on your hands of the essential oils and moisture needed to protect the lower levels fo the skin. 

The outer layer of your skin is made up of  of dead skin cells – it’s a protective or barrier layer designed to protect the delicate living cells of the lower levels of your skin. This layer of skin needs to remain hydrated to protect the cellular layers of skin.  In order to keep the moisture from leaving the outer layer of skin, the skin produces natural oils. These oils also help keep irritants away from the deeper layers of skin.  The problem is that normal washing of the hands or regular every day life can strip the skin of these oils. 

Moisturizers can only replace these oils with artificial ones so when Gloves in a Bottle said it offered a solution to this age old problem, we thought we’d check it out.    Read more of this post

Wrinkle Treatment for Your Hands

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Yes, believe it or not, the treatment of wrinkles is one of the most requested treatments for a hand cream.  Many consumers use a regular moisturizer or body lotion on their hands hoping it will reduce wrinkles as well, but are left wanting.  Others still will use a high priced wrinkle cream to treat wrinkles on their hands finding that these creams do not work as well on the thicker, more calloused skin of the hands.  So What are you supposed to so?  Relax we have the answer for you right here.

To correctly treat the wrinkles on the stubborn skin of your hands you must be sure that the hand cream is formulated correctly.  Now before you panic, all you need to do is to examine the ingredients that are being used in that hand cream and make sure they are designed to do what you want to achieve from your hand cream.   Read more of this post

The Ultimate Hand Cream – Dry Skin Repair AND Spot Removal

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Sun spots, age spots, or liver spots whatever you are used to calling them, you want them gone.  These pesky spots can be seen almost anywhere that the sun reaches on our body, but none as prevalent as the hands.  Hands being such a personalized part of someone as well as the most common point of introduction, they make a much larger impression than you may imagine.  At long last there is a treatment that will effectively remove these unsightly, unwanted spots, while renewing the overall health of your hands.

The active ingredients responsible for this treatment are familiar to hand cream experts, but their combined use in a revolutionary hand cream is producing staggering results.  Ferula Foetida Extract and Niacinamide are not strangers to some of the highest quality hand creams, but a blend of the two has scientists and dermatologists worldwide singing its praises.  From the darkest spots to simple discoloration this blend of anti inflammatory and anti oxidant ingredients delivers unparalleled results.  Ingredients this powerful are usually used on severe skin conditions such as rosacea, but the inclusion into a therapeutic hand cream is ingenious.    Read more of this post

What Causes Dry Hands

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Dry hands, we all have them, but what exactly is it that causes such a severe skin condition.  Many people have jobs and chores that leave them far more exposed to skin condition most commonly referred to as Dry Hands.  Others are not able to place exactly what the cause of their dry skin and dry hands is and would also like very much to solve the problem.  Regardless of the source, there are a few key elements to treating dry hands that is extremely helpful.  The author discusses the cause of Dry Hands and offers advice on the best and most effective way to reverse this troublesome and often painful skin condition.

Our skin naturally produces as series of essential oils thats job is to not only maintain skin cell health, but also to protect the lower layers of your skin from the environment.  Our hands, and really all of our skin, has an outer layer made up of predominantly dead or older skin cells.  These cells are there with the intention of keeping the lower, more valuable skin cells safe from exposure to the elements.  These “outer layer” or “barrier”  layer as it is often called is there to create a protective seal for your skin.  The problem is that this “barrier layer” can break down and when it does dry, cracked and painful skin appears.   Read more of this post

Dr. Robert Rey “Well in Hand” Anti Aging Plumping Hand Cream Review

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Dr. Robert Rey Sensual Solutions Well in Hand Anti Aging Plumping Hand Cream.  That is a mouthful whew!  Anyway we have heard some buzz about this hand plumping anti aging cream.  We agree that there is no place of injectables in the hands and so we were eager to see whether or not this hand cream could really restore the fatty skin cells and increase collagen in the thinning skin that often makes hands look so old.  It’s a lofty goal, but we were hopeful to see real results, and fast as it promises. 

At initial glance it seemed that priced at $45.00 this was a decent value, however following a closer examination we realized that the amount of product contained in the cream was only 3.4 ounces.  That pushes it into the “pricey” category and this hand cream would have now have to live up to a whole other level of standards.      Read more of this post

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