Chronic Dry Hands Cream

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This article is for anyone that finds themself constanly putting on lotion or moisturizer for their hands.  For some chronic dry hands can be severe cracking and splitting of the hand tissue, for others it is a constant state of dry, ashy skin that just does not seem to want to be quenched no matter what cream you use.  No matter which description fits your hand condition the best, there is a hand cream that is designed specifically for you.  You just need to know what to look for.  The author investigates the ingredients that best treat chronic dry hands and offers suggestions as to which products will best suit their needs.

The first thing that you need to realize is that your normal moisturizing agents or ingredients are not doing the trick for you, so stop wasting your money on them.  What you need is a more serious treatment, and ingredient specifically engineered to penetrate and remedy the problem at its source, the damaged skin cells.  The best ingredient to accomplish this for hands is Super Sterol Liquid.  This deeply hydrating ingredient floods the skin cells with binding moisture while protecting your skin by renewing your “barrier layer” of your skin.  This barrier layer protects your skin for exposure to the elements as well as the stripping of essential oils common with hand washing.  

Licorice Root Extract is another ingredient that will help you identify the best hand creams for the treatment of dry hands.  We are all familiar with licorice as a candy, but it’s anti inflammatory properties soothes irritated skin allowing for more rapid and comfortable treatment of the dry, flaky skin.  In addition to soothing the skin, licorice extract is also a fantastic anti oxidant ingredient allowing your hand cream to not only treat current conditions but also protect against future damage as well.

Finding a product that combines these ingredients is not too difficult, however you want to be sure to use the highest quality product that you find.  And NO, quality does not mean expensive.  The best hand creams are usually fairly affordable and they come from a celebrated line of products.  One example of a hand cream that contains these ingredients and has been recognized as an industry leader in hand creams is the Dermajuv Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream.  It is designed to treat chronic dry hands as well as any number of other anti aging ailments that your hands may be sufferring from.

Regardless of what brand you choose to use, be sure that the ingredients as well as the reputation of that product is of the highest quality.  Using anything less than a medical grade hand cream is a mistake and ulitmately will cost you more money in the long run.  Chronic dry hands may not be the most painful or frustrating of skin conditions, but it can be solved if treated with the right hand cream.  Take the time to find which brand works best for you and your particular needs, but be sure it includes the ingredients listed above.


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