Dr. Robert Rey “Well in Hand” Anti Aging Plumping Hand Cream Review

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Dr. Robert Rey Sensual Solutions Well in Hand Anti Aging Plumping Hand Cream.  That is a mouthful whew!  Anyway we have heard some buzz about this hand plumping anti aging cream.  We agree that there is no place of injectables in the hands and so we were eager to see whether or not this hand cream could really restore the fatty skin cells and increase collagen in the thinning skin that often makes hands look so old.  It’s a lofty goal, but we were hopeful to see real results, and fast as it promises. 

At initial glance it seemed that priced at $45.00 this was a decent value, however following a closer examination we realized that the amount of product contained in the cream was only 3.4 ounces.  That pushes it into the “pricey” category and this hand cream would have now have to live up to a whole other level of standards.     

Dr. Robert Rey’s Well in Hand Plumping hand cream is a cream of high quality.  It feels luxurious during application and feels as though it is easily absorbed into the foot.  There is a strange sensation that begins shortly there after that, which we assumed was what they were calling the “plumping.”  Hands felt a bit tight as though circulation was being cut off but perhaps that was just our imagination.  It was uncomfortable, bordering on distracting.

That being said, our hands did appear to have plumped and the was a bit more depth to the skin on the surface of our hands.  Wrinkles did seem reduced.  The instructions say to apply this product throughout the day as the benefits do wear off.  This is not a corrective cream in the sense that it treats your hands “therapeutically”, it does not.  But it will provide a temporary plumping of the hands to provide a visible improvement, even if it is short lived. 

For many people this is an acceptable alternative for a hand cream, and we can understand why.  For us, however, we feel that in order for a hand cream to truly be celebrated or recognized, it must actually treat the condition therapeutically as well as provide the visible results we are all looking for.  Overall a quality cream, but its a temporary treatment and in that quanitity, at that price, your cost begins to add up rapidly.  Gonna pass on the recommendation here, but if money is no object, you may consider adding this to a therapeutic hand cream for wearing on special occaisions.  That is if the sensation does not bother you.


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