Hand Cream Comparison

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Shopping for the best hand cream for your specific needs can be a daunting task.   The market is flooded with lots of products that basically do the same thing… moisturize the hand.  Well, that’s not really enough for a lot of people, who want to improve the look and health of their hands.  Many people not only want to hydrate the hands, but also need to heal cracks, renew the skin, ease pain, get rid of age spots, or even reduce wrinkles on the hands.   Finding a cream that does exactly what you need can be tough, if you’re trying to do all the homework yourself.  The chart below, however, takes out the “hard part” and lets  you see what several of the top hand creams on the market focus on and contain.

How to use the chart: We have reviewed 9 of the most talked about Hand Creams on the market.  The brands run down the left side of the chart.  Across the top of the chart are 9 characteristics or KEY INGREDIENTS we feel are VITAL to a top performing hand cream in the anti aging and healing markets.  A green check indicates that the product has it, a red dash indicates that the product does not.  At a glance, you can see which product proved to be the Best Hand Cream we found.

Hydrates rough dry skin Heals cracks and splits Renews skin’s barrier layer Soothes pain Removes wrinkles Lessens age spots Contains Matrixyl Contains Ferula Foetida Contains Niacinamide
Dermajuv Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream
L’Occitane Hand Cream
Gloves in a Bottle
Robert Rey Well in Hand
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula
Aveeno Intense Relief
Eucerine Intensive Repair
Vaseline Intensive Care
Bliss High Intensity


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5 Responses to “Hand Cream Comparison”
  1. Carla S. says:

    Get the Dermajuv Hydro Hand Cream. This cream is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone either who has dry rough hands, or who is looking for an anti aging treatment to have the hands look younger. Wow.

  2. Michelle Veto says:

    L’occitane is overpriced in my opinion for a basic moisturizer. A real treatment for spots and wrinkles on the hand with a deep moisturizing treatment is what I needed, and this wasn’t it.

  3. Angelina says:

    I used the Bliss High Intensity and really didn’t get the results I had hoped for. I will try one of these other ones, and report back to the site my findings.

  4. George B. says:

    I used the Dermajuv hand cream last weekend because I have very cracked hands and also sun spots on them from so many years on the golf course. The stuff really takes effect quickly, and I highly recommend it. It’s no “B.S.” moisturizer, it really feels like it is doing a good job of treatment when you use it.

  5. Melania says:

    Well if it comes down to strength of the brand on an Anti Aging level, Dermajuv is sooo well known for other anti aging products, I’d have to go with them too. I have not tried this hand cream, but I will be doing so very soon. The age spots on my hands are SUCH a giveway. haha